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What To Expect:

  • What to Expect

    • We are a church who strongly encourages fellowship and building bonds of relationship.

      • Friendship and fellowship are elements of our community.

        • Coffee and donuts are available before each service.

        • We enjoy potlucks, meals, and gatherings together.

        • After a visit or two, the Pastor will know you on a first name basis.

    • Dress/attire leans heavily towards casual, but you will feel at home whether you come in blue jeans or suit-and-tie.

    • We encourage entire family attendance: childcare is available for infant and toddler care.

    • We care deeply about children—they are a heritage from the Lord! We offer Children’s Church during the message time each week for children grades K-4.

    • Our approach is Christ-centered and Cross-focused.

      • We believe in a worship service that expresses what Christ has done for you!

      • Church is a place to bring your sins, cares, and burdens with you; His grace and forgiveness liberates you from sin.

    • We love God’s Word and believe it is the inerrant, inspired Word of a perfect Heavenly Father. Expect to hear a message from His Word that offers hope and encouragement through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

    • We believe in the power of diligent, steadfast, and fervent prayer, and we spend time each Sunday morning together in corporate prayer.

    • We believe in the significance of the Biblical Ordinances of Baptism and Communion.

      • Communion is observed the Last Sunday of each month.

      • Baptism is observed after a confession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (usually the following Sunday, but we believe one of the signs of a growing church is an active baptistry, so we would happily baptize daily if necessary).

    • Ultimately, church is not about us, and it’s not about you. It is about our Holy, Almighty God. We pray that every aspect of our fellowship time is led by the Holy Spirit, and will be pleasing to the Lord.

  • What Not to Expect

    • Don’t expect to find a gathering of perfect people. We are but a group of sinners who join together in fellowship, sharing the commonality of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross for us that paid the price for our sin. God is perfect—the people and the pastor are not.

    • Don’t expect a lifestyle-changing self-help sermon series, or a message comprised of a to-do list that will somehow earn you more of God’s favor. Rather, we pray that you will leave with an assurance that God, through Christ, and through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, has given you a desire to serve Him, as well as your neighbor. We pray that you will leave with an assurance that God offers you the gift of faith in Christ, and an eternity with Him.

    • Don’t expect a modern praise band featuring the latest award-winning songs. Rather, you will hear the Gospel message expressed through both traditional hymns and contemporary songs that speak to what Christ has done for you. You will hear both yourself and your neighbor singing to the best of your ability! Worship styles rely heavily upon personal preference, and we have different styles from week to week (acapella, piano or guitar accompaniment). We strive to focus on the object of our worship (Jesus Christ), not on the professionalism or delivery.

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