What We Believe

  • About God:

    • There is only one sovereign, triune God: He is Father, Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit.

  • About the Bible:

    • The Holy Bible is the inerrant, inspired Word of God.

  • About Sin and Salvation:

    • All people have sinned and need redemption; salvation is found only through faith in the Blood of Jesus, and redemption comes through repentance.

  • About Baptism:

    • Baptism was commanded by Jesus, and is an outward symbol of our starting a new life with Him.

  • About Communion:

    • Communion was established by Jesus as an ordinance representing His death and life, reminding us of the hope and healing that is in Jesus Christ.

  • About Church:

    • Jesus will come again for those whose faith is in Him.

    • The Church is comprised of all who confess that Jesus’ blood holds the redemptive power for their sin, and that Jesus Christ is the Lord of their lives.

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