Upcoming Worship Times:

Sunday School 9am

Sunday Worship 10am

Sunday Praise & Prayer 600pm


Trail Life Troop: Mon 600 pm

Prayer Group: Tues 10am

Youth Groups: Sun 600pm

Bible Study: Wed 600pm

Men's/Women's POST Groups: Thurs 630pm

We take our stewardship responsibilities very seriously, and we approach financial decisions with prayer. If you feel led to support our ministry financially, you may do so with the PayPal button here:

With the current state of health risk in our nation, we are asking our church family to exercise caution in the coming days and weeks. We fully trust in God, and we are walking forward in faith. We have a deep love for one another, and truly value the strength of relationships. The church is not a building, and we have an opportunity to expand beyond the walls of a building and serve one another lovingly and selflessly.

We are in a situation none of us have been in before, and things are changing day by day, so please monitor our website or our Facebook page to stay updated on future services,

as well as online service options.

Don't fear. Trust God.

Love those around you. Serve those in need.

Pray without ceasing.

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